Our facilities and your experience

Where and how you take part in a study varies by study, but you will always get full attention and quality care from our researchers and specialist research nurse.


Full consent 

When we discuss a study with you, we will give you all the facts and make sure the study is right for you before asking for your consent. None of our studies involve people without this explicit consent.

Safe, modern facilities

Most of our studies happen in the NIHR Southampton Clinical Research Facility. It's been officially recognised as one of the safest and highest quality clinical research facilities in the UK.

How you could take part

As a patient in Southampton

Your consultant or one of our grey-uniformed research nurses may talk to you about joining a studyas part of your care with us.

This might simply be to observe your progress, or involve you in a trial. In most trials you will get the best current treatment, or a new one showing the potential to work better. Some studies vary, but we never give a 'placebo' (no actual treatment), where this would harm your care, health or safety.

As an otherwise healthy individual or as someone with a long-term condition

Other studies involve volunteers, either otherwise healthy or those with a long-term condition. These include studies that:

  • Trial new ways of managing or treating conditions like diabetes or asthma
  • Look at how our envinoment, lifestyle and diet affect health and disease.
  • Check the practicality and safety of very new technologies or treatments in healthy people,  before seeing if improve results for patients