WISH loading samples

Our capabilities


Our Next Generation Sequencer enables you to conduct large scale and efficient genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics studies. You can see examples of how this has been used in our 100,000 Genome Project and clinical exome partnerships.

For more focused applications, we have the MiSeq desktop sequencer, which is ideal for targeted gene sequencing, metagenomics, targeted gene expression, amplicon sequencing and HLA typing.

FACS and analyte profiling

Our FACSCanto and FACSAria machines allow you to use flow cytometry and cell sorting to analyse the cytometric properties of your samples. In addition, our Luminex Multianalyte System enables simultaneous quantification of multiple analytes in a single sample.


We have the facilities to conduct ELISA immunoassays, with established experience in validated anti-drug antibody (ADA) assays for first-in-man phase I clinical trials. In addition, we have provision for the more specialised ELISPOT assay to analyse and quantify antibody-secreting and cytokine-producing immune cells, enabling you to monitor cellular immune responses.

Clinical chemistry

Our Thermo Konelab 20 analyser allows you to conduct a wide range of clinical chemistry tests. In addition, we can provide high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) services to separate, identify & quantify various components in blood, urine and other biological samples.  

Cell culture

We provide the facilities and services for cell culture, including PBMC culture, as well as tissue dissociation to enable primary culture of solid samples.


We have an Oroboros O2K high resolution respirometer for measuring the mitochondrial function of cell or tissue samples.