Davies, Mr Evan

BM, FRCS Ed (Tr and Orth)


Spinal surgery


Paediatric spines, adult spinal deformity, cervical spine, spinal degeneration, spinal infection, spinal tumours and spinal trauma

Training and education

  • Undergraduate training at the University of Southampton
  • Specialist registrar training in Wessex


Mr Davies has undertaken fellowships in Zurich, Switzerland, in Oxford, and at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA.


Mr Davies has worked for the Trust since March 2003. He is a fellowship trained orthopaedic spinal surgeon with a decade of experience in spinal care, both operative and non-operative. Mr Davies specialises in complex spinal surgery, especially revision and spinal deformity surgery, scoliosis and kyphosis. 

Mr Davies cares for the patient with spinal pathology (abnormalities causing spine problems) from foetal life to older years, but specialises in paediatric and young adult spinal pathology. He has a practice in complex revision spinal surgery and is currently chair of the Regional Training Committee in Orthopaedic Surgery. He serves as the spinal surgeon advisor to the medical advisory committee for the Rugby Football Union. Mr Davies in involved in teaching medical students, junior doctors and senior spinal fellows.

He has been an advisor to NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). He's a journal reviewer for the Global Spine Journal, Neurosurgery, BMA and the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons. Mr Davies has been a board member of the European AOSpine and past chair of AOSpine UK, and is currently trustee for the AOFOundation.


Mr Davies has been an invited lecturer on spinal surgery in China, Hong Kong, Russia, South Africa, Europe, the USA and the Middle East. Current research projects are specifically looking at the management of the growing spine and adolescent scoliosis. Mr Davies has been involved in multinational trials conducted as part of the trials unit at the University of Southampton. Mr Davies' aim is to help patients make the right decisions for both their own and their families' care in a shared decision making process.


You can contact Mr Davies via his secretaries:

Adult spinal surgery: Amy Humby, 023 8120 3594
Children's spinal surgery: Theresa Rigg, 023 8120 5173