Thomas, Mr Sebastien



Ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery


Otology - neuro-otology and skull base surgery

Training and education

  • ENT surgical training in London and the Wessex region
  • Fellowship training in Bordeaux and the Wessex Neurological Centre.


Mr Thomas has worked for the Trust since April 2009. In 2010, he became a full time consultant ENT and lateral skull base surgeon and a member of the skull base multidisciplinary team. Mr Thomas has a special interest in skull base and facial nerve disorders, and has wide experience in the diagnosis and treatment of skull base fractures, infections and tumours.

Mr Thomas has a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of many of the underlying causes of facial weakness. This includes involvement in surgical rehabilitation, particularly where nerve grafting is required. Mr Thomas also plays a role in the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo and imbalance, which frequently accompany facial nerve disorders.

Key achievements

  • Establishment of Southampton skull base database
  • Postgraduate diploma in medical education.

Awards and prizes

  • Gold medal in FRCS (ORL HNS) exam
  • Honours in MBBS (University of London) and first class honours BSc (University of London).