Amer, Mr Khalid

Mr Khalid AmerMBBS, FRCS (C Th)


Cardiothoracic surgery


Thoracic surgery

Training and education

Mr Amer trained at Wales deanery as a cardiothoracic surgeon between 1995 and 2000.


Mr Amer has worked for University Hospital Southampton since 1 December 2003. He is a fully trained cardiac surgeon, and moved to thoracic surgery in 2003.

Key achievements

  • Starting the VATS lobectomy programme at Southampton General Hospital in 2005. The hospital is now the second largest centre for minimal access surgery in thoracic surgery in the UK. Activity includes the treatment of early lung cancer, mediastinal tumours and cysts, and thymectomy for myasthenia and thymomas.
  • Introducing the Southampton technique of video assisted mediastinal nodal dissection. Mr Amer has presented the Southampton experience in international conferences and won awards for it. He also advocates the use of this surgery for patients over 80 years old, as results have shown that it is just as safe for them as it is for younger patients.



You can contact Mr Amer via his secretary Monica Thornton - call 023 8120 2375 or send an email.