High quality healthcare depends on the commitment, skills and teamwork of clinicians and the wide range of support services within the NHS. Education and training are central to this. University Hospital Southampton is the focus for the administration, delivery and management of both clinical and research education for all doctors, whether in training or in career grades.

The training, development and workforce department oversees this function for all staff, including doctors. For doctors the main functions are:

  • Overseeing the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate education and training programmes and monitoring and responding to quality issues in any of these areas.
  • Liaising with regional and national medical education bodies to ensure our education services meet required standards
  • Running a range of courses in a wide variety of disciplines and developing new courses, teaching materials and methods
  • Working to share good practice with links to other medical education organisations
  • Providing facilities for the education of clinicians
  • Career guidance for doctors in training
  • Administering study leave for doctors in training
  • Administering applications for clinical attachments/observerships and medical student electives

The director of medical education (DME) is responsible for ensuring the delivery of high quality education and training for medical students and doctors in training at University Hospital Southampton. Each clinical division has a divisional director of medical education who, along with the DME, supports the clinical teams and addresses issues at a more local level.

Divisional directors of medical education

Dr Judith Cave

Division A: Dr Judith Cave

Dr Cave is a medical oncologist who joined the Trust in 2009.

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Sanjay Ramamoorthy

Division B: Dr Sanjay Ramamoorthy

Dr Ramamoorthy is a consultant in emergency medicine who joined the Trust in 2011.

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Freya Pearson

Division C: Dr Freya Pearson 

Dr Pearson is a consultant in neonatology who joined the Trust in 2007.

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Division D: Mr Wagih Moussa

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Foundation programme directors


FY1: Dr Michael Kiuber

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Catherine Akerman

FY2: Dr Catherine Akerman

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Trust fellowship programme directors

Hall, Dr Debika photo

Foundation: Dr Debika Hall

Dr Hall is a consultant in geriatric medicine who joined the Trust in 2013.

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Diana Hulbert

Core: Dr Diana Hulbert

Dr Hulbert is a consultant in emergency medicine who joined the Trust in 2000.

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GP education


Dr Johnny Lyon-Maris

Dr Lyon-Maris is the associate director of GP education.

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