Wider healthcare teams

Frontline NHS staff, such as nurses, doctors and paramedics, have a high profile in the health service. However, their ability to do their vital work depends upon a massive back-up operation, provided around the clock by a huge range of support staff. This can be in a wide range of settings, such as hospitals, GP surgeries and nursing homes.

Wider healthcare teams maintain the buildings, provide the catering, run the clinical supply service, handle the administration and much more.

Statutory and mandatory training for wider healthcare team

The Trust has a responsibility to provide statutory and mandatory training and to ensure that staff attend. Statutory training is needed to meet legislative duties. Mandatory training is an organisational requirement to limit risk and maintain safe working practice.

  • You must attend a Trust induction in your first month of starting work at the Trust.
  • During your first year you must also complete the statutory and mandatory training sessions that were not covered in your induction.
  • Each year thereafter you should complete the sessions again (unless otherwise specified) to ensure and record that you are up to date.

You'll be able to see your specific statutory and mandatory training requirements under 'my statutory and mandatory training' when you log in to the VLE. If you don't have log in details for the VLE you can still view our statutory and mandatory courses.