About the group

Nikki StorerThe amputee and carer support group in Southampton met for the first time in February 2008; around 20 of you came along to see what it was all about, and I have to say what a fantastic group of people! 

The aim of the group is to provide a forum for amputees and their families so that they can get support and advice from others in similar situations. It is also anticipated that some of the amputees will be able to visit patients who are due to undergo amputation and offer support and advice to them and their families.

I know that along the way people like myself and other healthcare workers will be able to gain an insight into the everyday challenges faced by amputees because my only real understanding of amputations is the clinical side that I see all too regularly.

There will also be speakers at group meetings and various social events.

I look forward to meeting anyone who is able to attend or wishes to contact me.

Nikki Storer, vascular surgical care practioner.

Our meetings

We meet between 2 and 3.30pm on the third Tuesday of each month at St. Boniface church hall, Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton.

Meet the committee

  • Chairperson - Nikki Storer
  • Secretary - Lynda Painter
  • Treasurer - Pam Khan

Aims and objectives of the group

  • To provide non-medical support to amputees, carers and their family members.
  • To allow informal education of carers and healthcare workers.
  • To act as a non-medical resource for amputee, carers and healthcare professionals.
  • To provide open and equal access to all.
  • To work in partnership with other amputee groups and forums in and around Hampshire.
  • To meet once a month at the pre-arranged venue.
  • The group will act as a place to exchange views, opinions and non-medical advice surrounding amputation.