University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

What happens when we come in?

Please come to reception when you arrive, so we book you in and check your child's details. We will usually weigh and measure your child, and some may have their blood pressure measured and urine tested if necessary. You will then be asked to sit in the waiting room until you are called.

We make every effort to keep to your appointment time. However, some children may require longer with the doctor, which in turn makes clinics run a little later.

Please allow plenty of time for your visit - sometimes you will need to go to another department, for example to have an x-ray or blood test.

If you're concerned about the waiting time, please speak to the nurse running your clinic. The waiting room is for many clinics running at the same time, so not everyone there is for the same clinic as you.

Waiting area and facilities

We have lots for children to do, with plenty of toys and books to read.

Toilets, including accessible facilities, are nearby. If you're breastfeeding your baby and need privacy, we have a quiet room that you can use.

We also have a well stocked family information room where we keep leaflets on various conditions, investigations and treatments, as well as free internet access.

The shops and food outlets in the main entrance are also just outside our department.