University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Parental counselling

The five Consultant surgeons with Nurse Specialist support are available to parents for counselling of surgical anomalies The Neonatal Family Care Nurse Specialist role is to enhance the care given to the families through much more intense support, education, information and improved links with other services involved with the family.

Prenatal care and the provision of much more information and support is now an integral part of the role of the unit. Many referrals coming from the District Hospitals do so via the Fetal Medicine Department based in the Princess Anne Hospital. This unit provides Consultant and specialist nurse support and works in close liaison with both the neonatal surgical and paediatric cardiac specialties in order to provide a high level of care for any family with antenatal diagnosed anomalies.

Parent to parent programme

The establishment of a parent-to-parent programme, where parents have the opportunity to speak to other parents with similar experiences, has been particularly successful. In the majority of instances patents are linked with another family from their own area. Where this is not possible we endeavour to link as closely as possible. If you would more information about this, please contact us.

Bereavement Programme

All parents experiencing bereavement on the unit are comprehensively followed up by the Consultant and Nurse Specialist, A follow-up appointment is offered to parents at approximately 6 weeks after the death.  Home visits are also carried out by the Nurse Specialist in order to give the family time to discuss their thoughts and experiences on the unit.  The Nurse Specialist also ensures that the families have all available access to the many community support networks involved with bereavement.