Ocular plastics (also known as oculoplastics)

These are operations involving the eye lids, socket or eye ball. We treat conditions such as blocked tearducts, entropion and ectropion as eye inpatients as well as running specialist oculoplastics clinics for outpatients.

Meet the team

Doreen Khan-Lim

Miss Doreen Khan-Lim

Miss Khan-Lim specialises in oculoplastics and has set up a clinical psychology service within ophthalmology. She carries out surgery and treatments for watery eyes and eyelid abnormalities from a variety of causes.

Secretary: 023 8120 4445 or 4570 or 6842

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Mr Daniele Lorenzano

Mr Lorenzano is a consultant ophthalmologist with a strong interest in oculoplastic lacrimal and orbital surgery, with specific attention to conditions on the face and around the eyes. This includes the management of skin and socket tumours, watery eyes, blepharospasm disorders and facial palsy conditions in both children and adults.

Secretary: call 023 8120 4445 or send an email.

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