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Our endoscopy unit is a high quality facility, offering bowel cancer screening services and a variety of cutting edge treatments. These include video capsule endoscopy (swallowing a capsule that transmits images of the inside of your stomach and digestive system), advanced polypectomy (removal of pre-cancerous lesions from the bowel), and full thickness endoscopic resection (removing large lesions in the bowel wall using a special clip). We also offer endoscopic ultrasound, SpyGlass and laser lithotripsy (using lasers to remove stones in your bile duct).

We serve patients both from the local area and across the country with a variety of urgent and routine procedures, as well as a 24 hour emergency service.

We're proud to be one of only a few endoscopy units in the country to have received continuous accreditation by the national endoscopy regulatory body (JAG) for over ten years. This means we're nationally recognised as providing a high level of service.

Our team

Our team includes experienced NHS consultants and specialist nursing staff, supported by anaesthetists. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent service to all our patients, whether you're unwell and need urgent treatment or are well and coming in for screening. Find out more about our team here.


We're a nationally accredited teaching centre. Our unit provides training for new endoscopists on a wide range of investigations and treatments, as well as masterclasses for experts.


We've received prizes for our research contribution at national meetings, and our endoscopists have presented all around the world including at significant international meetings like Digestive Diseases Week in America.


To help you get all the support you need, we link with charities supporting patients in the local area, such as Barrett’s Wessex which is a regional patient support and education charity.