Think glucose

Minimum standards of care for all adult patients with diabetes

Ward staff (medical and nursing) commitment

  • All patients with diabetes on the ward will be identifiable to all ward staff by utilising the ‘Thinkglucose’ logo on the patient status at a glance boards
  • Initial, immediate and appropriate action will be taken for managing hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia before referring to the diabetes team
  • All patients’ feet will be assessed and results documented within 24 hours of admission for signs of foot disease and the patient will be referred for specialist assessment as appropriate
  • Safe practices for using insulin (in accordance with insulin guidelines) will be observed at all times
  • Bolus or pre-mixed insulins or oral diabetes medications will be given before or at mealtimes as recommended in the manufacturer guidance
  • Insulin will always be prescribed even when patients are self-administering
  • The self-administration of insulin will be supported where appropriate
  • Patients will be referred to the diabetes team for review as needed
  • Ward staff will be kept up to date with diabetes where necessary.

Diabetes inpatient team commitment

  • A diabetes patient review will be provided where indicated
  • Diabetes educational material will be provided for staff, patients, carers and relatives where necessary
  • A diabetes discharge plan will be provided where necessary
  • Learning from incidents related to diabetes will be disseminated
  • Re-admissions to the trust within 30 days due to uncontrolled diabetes will be reviewed and plans put in place with community providers to prevent further admissions.

Patient commitment

  • To inform staff if they need diabetes support.