critical care team

Critical care outreach team

We're an expert team of advanced nurse practitioners from the critical care department, providing critical and acute care outside of the intensive care unit. We're on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We support all unwell adults in our hospitals, helping to avoid admission to critical care. We also help to speed up the process of being admitted to critical care if you do need to go there.

Our work includes

  • stabilising and managing very unwell adults in our hospitals
  • giving support and advice to other healthcare professionals
  • providing a 24/7 response to all adult emergency calls across the Trust
  • delivering education, both formally and at bedsides
  • reviewing all adult patients who have been discharged from the general intensive care unit (GICU) to a ward.

Our team are trained as advanced nurse practitioners and have the skills to diagnose, make decisions regarding treatment and prescribe medications to tackle life threatening conditions such as sepsis as quickly as possible.

We're based on E level, centre block in Southampton General Hospital.

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