Follow-up clinic

Follow-up clinic

Recovery from a critical illness can be lengthy and complex. The GICU follow up team aims to see you if you:

  • required the assistance of a ventilator for a significant length of time
  • needed a tracheostomy*
  • struggled with dreams, hallucinations or delusions in ICU
  • have been referred to us by yourself or someone else.

*as an emergency airway or to facilitate your wean from the ventilator.  

If you meet at least one of these criteria, we will call you once you have gone home. We'll check how well your recovery is going, give you information and support, and if necessary advise you to attend the multi-professional follow up outpatient clinic. If you don't get a call but would like to talk to our follow up team, you can refer yourself or a relative by contacting us.

The follow up clinic involves a face-to-face appointment. It usually takes an hour, and can include a tour of the ICU if you wish. Most people will be seen by an ICU consultant and a senior ICU nurse; sometimes other professionals too.

Clinic aims

The aims of our follow-up clinic are based on the principles of the NICE Guideline 83 (2009) for rehabilitation after critical illness.

Explanation of your stay in ICU

We'll give a brief summary of significant events that occurred while you were in intensive care, with explanations and information. There is plenty of time for you to ask questions. Many patients don't remember their ICU stay - this can lead to you having misconceptions about what happened, feeling frustrated and having unrealistic expectations of your recovery. It can help if you are aware of how ill you were, and why it is taking some time to recover.

Rehabilitation information and support

Your recovery will be discussed, which might include expectations, realistic goals, changes in family dynamics, and coming to terms with lifestyle changes.

Identifying physical, psychological or social problems

Some of our patients have problems either as a result of their critical illness or because of other underlying conditions. Our follow-up team can refer you to other specialties if needed, and will always inform your GP of any advice or support required.

Promoting a quality service through feedback

Feedback from you and your relatives about your intensive care experience is invaluable. By highlighting areas which require review or change, we can continue to improve the quality of care we deliver.

Patient diaries

If you had a patient diary completed during your stay and have not yet received it, it can be returned to you at this appointment.

Contact us

Call us on 023 8120 6116 (please leave a message if there is no answer) or email