Medicines formulary

The formulary consists of a list of medicines arranged by approved (generic) name of the medicine, rather than the brand name of the product (for example, paracetamol rather than Panadol). Products will have brand names specified where this is clinically relevant.

This formulary is a list of the medicines that are preferred for use for patients in Southampton and south west Hampshire, and is based on advice from the Basingstoke, Southampton and Winchester District Prescribing Committee (DPC) and national and local guidelines.

The formulary states if a NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) technology appraisal is available for a particular medicine. NICE guidance is available from Patients have the right to medicines and treatments that are included in technology appraisals from NICE, if their doctor says they are clinically appropriate for them. When new technology appraisals for medicines are published the formulary will be amended in line with the recommendations within 90 days.

Medicines not included in the formulary may still be available for individual patients when there is a particular need, and arrangements for this are in place.

To use the formulary, either use the search box on the formulary page or search by BNF chapter using the tab at the top of the page.