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Speech and language therapy

Our team will work with you and your family or carers if you're having problems with communicating or swallowing. We provide treatment and care, and work with children and adults. We'll usually come to see you at your bedside on the ward while you're in hospital, or you might be referred to see us in a outpatient clinic.

There are around 20 speech and language therapists in our team. We work with a range of specialist services including the neonatal unit, gastroenterology, stroke, respiratory, outpatients, medicine for older people, critical care, acute admissions, Wessex neurological centre, cardiothoracics, head and neck cancer, and general oncology.

We're involved in training staff and volunteers, and work with students on clinical placements who are studying speech and language therapy at Reading University. We also recently launched an online training package on swallowing (dysphagia), to raise awareness and improve care for patients affected by this.

We work closely with GPs and our speech and language therapy colleagues in the community service to make sure your care continues as needed when you leave hospital.