Pathology patient information

If there is any information or leaflet you are particularly searching for then email your request to pathology.

Pathology service information for patients or relatives
Subject category       Document or information                                                                                      
Anticoagulation Adult Oral Anticoagulation Therapy - Patient Information SNHS036
Anticoagulation Adult Oral Anticoagulation - Dietary Advice Leaflet SNHS122
Blood tests

Phlebotomy services are available at Southampton General Hospital and Lymington Hospitals.  

Please note that appointments may be necessary for special procedures such as dynamic function test.

Blood transfusion

If you have been told by your doctor that you require a blood transfusion and would like more information about this therapy, please call 023 8120 8910 and ask to speak to the blood transfusion nurse practitioner. 

Advice for patients following a blood transfusion as an outpatient - patient information

Faecal immunochemical test (FIT)

Animation - Guidance on how to collect your FIT sample

Haemophilia (link) The Haemophilia Society
Thromboprophylaxis Reducing the risk of blood clots - introductory information and links