Clinical psychologists

Living with cystic fibrosis can often affect the things you want to do or feel you should be doing - it can also affect your relationships and family life. Life can also create challenges in looking after yourself and your health. At these times, we are available to meet with you to help build support resources.

Clinical psychologists are trained in understanding how the way we think, feel and behave all relate to each other. We also consider how this may relate to our bodies and physical health. 

Our team

Our team will work with you to help maximise your wellbeing - wellbeing includes not only your physical health but also your mental health.

Alison, Sarah and Laura will work closely with other team members to help you adjust to the demands of CF, the treatment or balancing your health with living life. Sometimes we will meet with you at annual reviews to check how you are coping or you can ask for a meeting with one of us at any time. We would usually meet you in the cystic fibrosis unit or sometimes have telephone meetings.

Our clinical psychology sessions are confidential, unless information is essential to your treatment or safety, and notes are kept separately from medical notes.


Dr Alison Pearce

Alison is a consultant clinical psychologist and has worked within the cystic fibrosis service since 2008.  She is also a registered systemic psychotherapist (previously known as a family therapist) and this training helps her work with couples, families and teams. Alison is also involved in developing research to help understand how people cope with cystic fibrosis.


Laura Davis Psychologist

Dr Laura Davis

Laura joined the team in October 2015 after completing her specialist placement and doctorate in clinical psychology within the service. She works across both the Southampton and Poole sites and has a special interest in working with social workers in the transition from child to adult services.