Dietitians in CF 2016

Specialist dietitians

(Picture, from left to right: Kirstie Ballinger, Clare Pearson, Irantzu Arregui-Fresneda, Aoife Lynam)

Nutrition can play a major part in managing cystic fibrosis and directly influences lung function. We're here to provide evidence based dietary advice and support in the form of individual patient assessments and treatment plans.

We are based directly with the cystic fibrosis team so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team

  • Clare Pearson, dietetic team lead
  • Irantzu Arregui-Fresneda, dietitian
  • Aoife Lynam, dietitian
  • Kirstie Ballinger, dietitian (post split between adult and child CF services)