Treatments and services at the respiratory centre

We provide a number of treatments and services to help diagnose and treat lung conditions and breathing problems, including:

Asthma reviews

You may have an appointment with a specialist nurse or respiratory consultant to talk about your asthma symptoms and treatment. We will invite you to a review at regular intervals, as well as if you have a serious asthma attack or need to change your medicine. Our asthma specialist nursing team try to see anyone admitted to hospital with suspected or confirmed asthma.

Allergy and immunotherapy

We can carry out allergen challenge testing, testing your allergic reaction to a substance such as food or drugs under controlled conditions. We also do immunotherapy, which involves giving you a series of injections containing increasing amounts of the allergen (substance you are allergic to), to help you become less sensitive to it.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)

Used to treat obstructive sleep apnoea, you wear a special face mask at night to relieve your symptoms of sleepiness during the day.

COPD reviews

We aim to see anyone admitted to the hospital with COPD. If appropriate after discharge, patients are offered appointments with a specialist nurse or respiratory consultant to talk about your respiratory symptoms and treatment.  They can be booked routinely by your GP or nurse and more urgently if you have an exacerbation of your symptoms or need to change medicine. The Respiratory Centre is now an integral part of the newly formed Southampton COPD partnership.


If you have primary immunodeficiency, we can train you to carry out your own treatment at home. We'll give you and any carers one to one training over four to six weeks. This will mean you don't need to come to hospital as often, and helps you to be more independent and in control.

Interstitial lung disease (ILD)

Our nurses hold clinics for patients with ILD, and also offer phone contact. You can have your lung function and progress monitored in the clinic, between reviews with your consultant. After your appointment, we'll discuss the review with your consultant so that any changes need to your treatment can be made.

Dietetic input

Respiratory conditions can cause you to use more or less energy than average, so you may need to eat more or less accordingly. Adjusting the balance of food that you eat may also help your breathing and overall health.

Home oxygen service - assesment and review

Oxygen maskWe'll test levels such as your blood pressure, breathing rate, pulse and oxygen levels to decide if you need to take a regular extra supply of oxygen (known as oxygen therapy, or home oxygen). If you need home oxygen therapy, we can give you trial of the equipment you'll use. For more information on home oxygen services, click here.

GPs can find the home oxygen service referral form here.

Non-invasive ventilation

If you need extra help with breathing, we might suggest non-invasive ventilation (NIV). You will need to wear a special face mask at night and sometimes during the day. If you use NIV, you can contact us directly for support and advice. If you use NIV at home, you can contact the community respiratory team 24 hours a day if you need help with your machine. 

Palliative (end of life) care

We offer this for patients with COPD.

Psychological support

This is available if you need help to cope with stress and feelings that are a result of your condition.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

A number of therapies, such as breathing techniques and exercise programmes, are combined to help reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life. More information on the pulmonary rehabilitation service.


Our physiotherapists can show you structured exercises to improve the strength of your lungs and, for some conditions, to help clear away mucus in your lungs. More information on self-management techniques.

Therapeutic trials

This might include starting a new inhaler, nebuliser or being assessed for home oxygen. We'll check if you're suitable for new treatments, and their effects.