New Forest Birth Centre

New Forest Birth Centre

COVID-19 information 

If you have a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, do not come to our hospitals. Stay at home and follow the national advice.

Visitors and outpatients are reminded that restrictions remain in place around UHS sites. See here for more information.

Please do not attend our emergency department at Southampton General Hospital if you have a minor injury. If you need urgent, non-emergency care, please visit Royal South Hants Urgent Treatment Centre or Lymington Urgent Treatment Centre.


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Statement on the temporary closure of the New Forest Birth Centre

We have unfortunately had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close the New Forest Birth Centre. This step has been taken to ensure we can continue to provide the safest possible care for our families.

Having reviewed our current and projected staffing levels over the next few months, we have concluded that we would not be able to adequately staff the Centre.

The safety of our staff is also paramount and, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of our colleagues have been unable to return to their substantive roles, meaning fewer midwives and support staff are available.

As a result the decision, which will be reviewed regularly, has been taken to close the Centre until January 2021. There will then be a further review of staff levels to decide whether it can safely reopen.

Our staff have been informed and will transfer to the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton and our home birth services.

Expectant mums who call the labour line at the Centre will be redirected to our team at Princess Anne Hospital.

This change does not affect antenatal and post-natal services which will continue to run at the New Forest Birth Centre.

Expectant mums who call the labour line will be able to discuss the options for Broadlands Birth centre or labour ward at Princess Anne Hospital or opt for a home birth.