Site information and services (Princess Anne Hospital)

Fire alarms

Our fire alarms are tested once a week when you will hear intermittent bells ringing for about 20 seconds. At Princess Anne Hospital this takes place on a Friday morning.

In the unlikely event of a real fire the alarm bells will ring continuously until the area has been made safe. An intermittent ring means there is a fire in an area near you. In both cases please follow the advice of staff who have been trained in fire safety. If you discover a fire, please contact a member of staff or go to the nearest break glass point and raise the alarm.

Wheelchairs and disabled access

Wheelchairs are located by main entrances and require a £1 coin, which is refunded on return of the wheelchair.

Disabled car parking spaces are available.

Chapels and quiet places

The Trust has a number of chapels and quiet rooms across our locations where people can sit quietly or pray privately. These rooms are open 24 hours a day for patients, visitors and staff to use, whatever their beliefs may be.

Please let the ward staff know if you would like to speak to one of our religious advisors.


Most wards are equipped with a bedside entertainment system which gives access to telephone, internet, television and radio services including Sky TV channels and games.

You can listen to the hospital radio for free. To access the other services you can buy a card from one of the machines around the hospital or pay via a credit card direct from the bedside system. Charges for this service are set by the provider of the service and not by the Trust.

You can listen to the hospital radio for free.

Hospital radio

Volunteers run hospital radio which is on air 24 hours, 7 days a week to Southampton General, Royal South Hants and Princess Anne hospitals. Operating from the top floor of Normand House along Tremona Road, the station also has request programmes from 8.30 to 9.30pm every evening. These can be heard free on Channel 1 on the Hospedia TV and telephone/radio units at patient's bedsides.

Patients and their family and friends are invited to make radio requests by either phoning the station number below or giving a request to volunteers who visit the wards. If you are interested in helping with the station, or wish to make a request please telephone: (023) 8078 5151, email us on or visit the Southampton Hospital Radio website.

There is also a children's radio station run by volunteers, Radio Lollipop. Operating out of a studio on B level in Southampton General Hospital, Radio Lollipop broadcasts Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6 to 8pm.