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Youth Service

To make sure we make the experience of being in hospital as a young person as comfortable as possible, we need to hear from those who are living it.

A big part of the Youth Service is to make sure we are listening to our young patients about what we are doing well and what we could do better. 

In order to ensure we havethe right people involved in the decision making that affects young people's care, our Youth Service has set up the youth board and young adults (YYA) group to help make your views count.

Why should I get involved?

Our youth and young adult partners work directly with our staff to come up with ways we can improve our hospital. Together they make sure the ideas that are possible, become a reality. 

We want to hear about the interests of young people and young adults from a wide variety of backgrounds to ensure that their views are incorporated into the development of services for children, young people and young adults across Southampton Children’s and General Hospital. 

Who can join? 

There are different ways that you can get involved depending on your age and interests. If you’ve been into our hospital as a patient or are a friend or relative of someone we’ve looked after, then you’d be perfect for our youth board or young adults group as you’ll know how everything works.

If you are intersted in finding out more visit our youth service pages here or read our members pack. Sign up using our registration form or email for further information.