Patients with learning disabilities or autism

The hospital liaison team

Anna and Tim are our learning disability and autism liaison nurses. They can help support you coming into hospital.

Zoe is our children's learning disability and autism nurse. She helps children with a learning disability or autism and their families and carers when they come to hospital.

The team is available from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. If you'd like some support for yourself, your child, or someone you care for, please contact the team before you come to hospital:

Contact Anna and Tim

Contact Zoe

How we can help

The team can help you:

  • transition from children's to adult services
  • arrange reasonable adjustments to make coming to hospital easier for you and your family/carers
  • get useful information about your treatment in hospital.


Please note that because of COVID-19, we may have to follow some extra rules from your ward or department's visitor guidelines when we come to visit you.

If you'd like to read some information and guidance about managing your health during the COVID-19 outbreak, you can find this on our Facebook forum, which can be reached here.

Resources you might find helpful when you come into hospital

The hospital communication book

The Hospital Communication Book

This book is about communicating.

The first part is about how staff at the hospital can change how they communicate so everyone can understand, but you might find it interesting and helpful too.

The second part has lots of pictures of things you might need to talk about while you're in hospital. You could use it at an appointment to tell the doctor how you're feeling, or your medical team might use it when they're explaining what treatment you'll need.

Click here to download the Hospital Communication Book

Good health care for all

Good health care for all

This leaflet tells you about the help you can ask for when you need to go to the doctor or to hospital.

Click here to download 'Good health care for all' 


Useful websites and contacts 

Southampton community learning disability health team

Telephone: 023 8231 0300