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Friends and family test (FFT)

To help us improve our services across the hospital, as well as to provide feedback to the wards and departments, we ask patients or their relatives to complete a friends and family test (FFT) survey.

Each FFT survey offers the chance for patients or their relatives to reflect on their experience in one of four areas:

  • Outpatient services
  • Inpatient services
  • Emergency department
  • Maternity services

The main question in an FFT survey is “How would you rate your experience of our service?”, which indicates to us the level of satisfaction for what we provide at UHS. Respondents can choose from five options, ranging from “Very good” to “Very poor”, with a sixth option of “Don’t know”. There is also an opportunity to leave a comment about why they have chosen this option.

You can find out more about the FFT surveys by visiting our ‘Collecting Feedback through Friends and Family Test (FFT)' page here.

Leaving feedback

If you have recently used one of our services at UHS, we would love to hear from you about your experience. Please choose from the list of options below to share your thoughts and feedback:

Our latest results

Our data is reviewed every month, and the results graphic for May 2023 can be viewed below.

FFT feedback - August 2023
Friends and family test feedback for August 2023

The results show that, of the 1,261 people who responded to the survey, 97.22% shared positive feedback through the FFT survey. 98.51% of respondents who used an outpatient service shared a positive experience, whilst 97.92% of respondents who used the inpatient services said their experience was either “Very good” or “Good”.

From those who used our maternity services, 89.63% shared an overall positive experience.

Due to a small sample size, the information and results for the emergency department had to be excluded following policy guidelines.