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Nursing and midwifery staffing

We are committed to ensuring that we always have the appropriate level of staff to care for our patients. Our aim is to provide an environment in which patients can confidently expect all the care they receive to be safe, effective and individual to their needs.

Our staffing levels are monitored daily and we will risk assess and fill any gaps to ensure that safe staffing levels are always maintained. Nursing and midwifery staffing levels are clearly displayed on status boards on all of our wards and this information is updated during every shift.

Our monthly reports

In line with government guidance our nursing and midwifery staffing levels are now published on this page.

What does the report tell us?

The report details our planned staffing hours for each ward and compares those figures to the hours actually worked in order to calculate fill percentages. 

We plan our staffing based on six-monthly reviews of the types and numbers of patients we can expect to see. However, there will be occasions when planned staffing arrangements change to reflect the dependency of patients or increased pressures on some departments. As a result, some staff will move to other wards to provide support and expertise and fill percentages will fluctuate.

For more information about the data in these reports, including the reasons why fill percentages fluctuate, please see our guide to the nursing and midwifery staffing report.

Our Trust Board reports

Each year we provide an overview to the Trust Board on our staffing levels. The latest one can be found here.

Annual ward staffing review
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