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Cardiac rhythm management

We're a world-renowned unit helping patients with heart rhythm disorders. We study and treat the electrical conduction and disturbances of the heart, also known as cardiac electrophysiology.

We see patients with a wide range of heart complaints, from people with palpitations and dizzy spells, to patients who have survived an episode of sudden cardiac death.

As a centre of excellence for diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disorders, patients from surrounding areas are referred to our specialists. We have particular experience in atrial fibrillation ablation, ablation and device therapies in congenital heart disease, and cardiac resynchronization therapy for heart failure patients. You can find out more about diagnosis and treatment here.

Our unit also has an excellent reputation for research and development, supported by our cutting edge equipment and facilities.

Contact us

If you have any questions please call 023 8077 7222 and ask for extension 8436 to speak to a cardiac rhythm management clinical nurse specialist or bleep 1448.

You can also email, and for enquiries

Cardiac rhythm management unit
North wing, E level
Southampton General Hospital
Tremona Road
SO16 6YD