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Our neurosurgery service covers the Wessex region, serving a population of approximately 3 million people. There are three cancer centres within the area providing oncology treatment, based in Southampton, Poole and Portsmouth. Referrals are also made into the region by surrounding NHS trusts for treatment choices and the expertise that we offer.

Neuro-oncology covers the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours. These can be primary tumours, secondary tumours or meningiomas.

Procedures carried out include scans and biopsies for diagnosis, and craniotomies or drug treatment.

If you have or are suspected of having a brain tumour, the Wessex neuro-oncology multi-disciplinary team will meet to discuss the best course of treatment for you. This is a weekly meeting, attended by neurosurgeons, oncologists, neuro-pathologists, neuro-radiologists, neurologists, clinical nurse specialists and the MDT coordinator.

This meeting allows the whole team to discuss and plan treatment options, and the future management and care needs for newly-diagnosed and re-referred patients. 

Our consultants

There are four specialist consultant neurosurgeons based at Wessex Neurological Centre and one clinical fellow. Our consultant neurosurgeons are

There are three consultant clinical oncologists based at Southampton Oncology Centre. Clinics are held Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at the neurological outpatient department and at Hamwic House (chemotherapy).

Patient information leaflets