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Follow-up care

While follow-up appointments after treatment for cancer are seen as a necessary precaution as a small number of people can relapse, many patients can find regular clinic reviews a source of anxiety when trying to move forward after treatment. If your doctor feels you do not need to attend face to face follow up appointments anymore they may offer you the option of enrolling onto our patient initiated follow up (PIFU) service. PIFU enables patients to self-manage with health questionnaires and blood tests if needed, while still having a point of contact if they have concerns.

This is a surveillance pathway designed for patients who have been in follow up for over 2 years, and are at low risk of relapse. If you enrol onto PIFU your surveillance will be managed on the My Medical Record system. This is a digital system that patients can use to see their medical information, and we can assist you with managing your surveillance in this way.

If ever you have concerns regarding your lymphoma please contact our clinical nurse specialists as soon as possible, this enables us to organise a clinic review to investigate issues in a timely manner and make the necessary plans moving forward.