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Southampton prostate health test

We offer a prostate health test self-referral service for men in Southampton and the surrounding areas who have symptoms of prostate cancer or are at higher risk of developing it.

The first stage is completing an assessment questionnaire. If this shows that you are at a high risk of prostate cancer, we will offer you a range of investigations.

These include a blood test known as a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test which measures levels of a protein in the blood that is only found in the prostate gland and is often elevated in men with this form of cancer. Other tests may include scans, urinary function assessment and prostate biopsies.

To refer yourself for this service, please email to receive an automated response with information and a prostate cancer risk assessment questionnaire. If you decide to proceed to testing, you will be able to request an appointment for a PSA test and nurse-led urinary assessment.

If this assessment highlights the need for further investigation, an MRI will be performed to determine if a cancer is present or advice and treatment of urinary symptoms will be provided.