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Chemotherapy and immunotherapy

We deliver our chemotherapy from a dedicated facility on the Southampton General Hospital site.

Hamwic House Treats around 40-90 patients a day with SACT treatment and will see the majority of patients for their outpatient clinical consultation appointments. Other procedures such as PICC line insertions and NG tube insertions are carried out on the unit by the nursing team.

The unit is located within a couple of minutes’ walk to the radiotherapy department and the other facilities within the hospital, allowing us to offer regional specialist cancer services at a single location. Hamwic House is also located next to Oncology Pharmacy (Platinum House) allowing onsite preparation of specialist SACT treatment.

Find out more about our treatment facilities here.

Southampton is one of 12 major regional cancer centres in the UK, serving a population of around 2.5 million people.

Cancer care is also one of our Trust's key defining services, which means it is being developed as a global centre of excellence treating more and more patients from outside of the local area.

We also have a service that allows eligible patients to have treatment at home.