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Lens conditions

Our optometry service assess and helping improve low vision problems such as the following conditions:


This is where there is no natural or implanted lens in the eye following surgery or injury. The eye, if left, will be very long sighted and needs very strong glasses or contact lenses.

Cosmetic lenses

This is when lenses are needed to improve the look of a patient's eye following injury.

High myopia

This is where the eye is very short sighted. It can be helped with glasses or contact lenses. The lenses used to correct short sight will be thicker at the edge than the middle.


This is also known as long sight. The condition is corrected with glasses or contact lenses. The lenses to correct long sight will be thicker in the middle than the edge.


Patients with uveitis (more commonly known as iritis) will show signs of inflammation inside the eye which may cause pain or affect vision. Uveitis can sometimes be linked to an underlying medical condition or infection which may also require treatment or more detailed further investigation.