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Changes to services during Covid-19 outbreak

We are currently running a full outpatient service and urge patients who have an appointment to attend, as long as they are well.

To provide additional support to our patients, we have opened a non-urgent concern or query phone line and email address. These will be staffed 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. If required your concerns or queries will be reviewed by a clinician and we will endeavour to provide a response to you with two working days.

Non-urgent concerns query line

Please note that this email address is for non-urgent enquiries and pre-registered/referred patients.

Anti-VEGF injections

Our anti-VEGF injection service for macular degeneration is still running during the COVID-19 lockdown. We strongly urge patients to continue to attend.

We have made our process and waiting area as COVID-secure as possible. Feedback from our patients has been they have felt safe to continue coming for their injections.

Our unit

Southampton's eye unit is the leading provider of eye care services on the south coast.

As one of Southampton General Hospital's largest departments, the unit deals with around 90,000 patients annually through its eye emergencies, outpatients and inpatients and surgery departments. The optometry department provides aids for the treatment of low vision conditions as well as contact lens fitting, and works alongside the orthoptics department to assess and treat a range of problems with eye movement and vision. We have a specialist children's eye service including family support and we operate a mobile eye unit to enable patients with certain eye conditions to be treated closer to home.

About the eye unit

The eye unit has around 200 highly-skilled staff who are experts in their field. They provide a comprehensive service for adults and children ranging from routine appointments to emergencies.

The eye unit is proud to have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and is constantly developing new treatments for blindness.

The unit's strong links with University of Southampton helps to ensure that research into previously untreatable blindness can be undertaken to find causes and appropriate treatments.

As well as being the region's leading provider of eye care, the unit is also a major player in the research into and teaching of eye care.

Eye unit entrance
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