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Maternity day assessment unit (MDAU)

The maternity day assessment team can help you if you have concerns about your pregnancy. 

We're open from 9am to 2.30am every day on D level at the Princess Anne Hospital.

When should I come to MDAU?

The maternity triage service, which is available by downloading the Healthier Together app, will allow you to log any maternity concerns you may encounter during your pregnancy and have instant access to the help or advice that you need.

The app will ask you to assess your symptoms and it will then decide if you fall into a red, amber or green category. The outcomes of those categories are:

Red: These issues will be classes as an emergency and will require you to call 999.

Amber: You will be advised to call the maternity triage line if the concern is maternity related or will be advised to contact your GP surgery or 111 if out of hours.

For both the red and amber categories you can press a button on the app and you will automatically be connected to the service that has been recommended.

Green: You will be directed to information to self-care at home.

If you are directed to call the maternity triage line, you will be connected to a midwife either at South Central Ambulance Services (SCAS) in Otterbourne or at the Isle of Wight ambulance station. You will be triaged by the midwives and, if required, advised to attend your local Maternity Day Assessment Unit (MDAU) for further assessment.

The NHS Healthier Together app can be downloaded either from the Apple app store, or the Google Play store.

What happens when I come to MDAU?

When you arrive at MDAU, please let the receptionist know.

A midwife will assess your condition and decide on further action - this is called triage. We aim to do this within 15 minutes, but please be aware that you may need to wait longer at busy times. The triage system ensures that people with the most serious conditions are seen first.

We assign each patient a colour based on how urgently they need to be seen:

Red means that the patient needs immediate medical attention.

Orange means that the patient should be seen within the next 15 minutes. 

Yellow means that the patient should be seen within one hour.

Green means that the patient should be seen within four hours.

We may be able to sort out your concern on the unit, or you might need to be seen by a doctor.

Please bring your maternity notes any time you attend MDAU. These give us useful information about your medical history.

What happens next?

If you're asked to return for a follow-up appointment or review, this appointment will be in our scheduled care department on D level at the Princess Anne Hospital.