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Obstetric physiotherapy department

Our women's health physiotherapy team care for women who have musculoskeletal problems related to their pregnancy. 

Inpatient service

One of our physiotherapists visits the antenatal and postnatal wards from Monday to Friday. We provide exercises, advice and recovery support if you have had a third degree tear or are having symptoms of incontinence. We can also give advice if you have musculoskeletal problems related to your pregnancy.

Pelvic girdle pain

Pelvic girdle pain (PGP) is pain that originates from the joints in your pelvis. It can be felt over your lower back, hips, groin, and down the inside or back of your legs, with symptoms varying in severity. It's very common and is thought to affect one in five women in pregnancy.

As a first point of contact, we offer a group session to give you information and advice. You don't need to be referred by a healthcare professional to attend this class - please refer yourself by calling the urodynamics and physiotherapy reception on 023 8120 8967.

We also offer one-to-one assessment and treatment for:

  • antenatal pelvic girdle pain (PGP)
  • low back pain
  • diastasis recti abdominus (separation of the abdominal muscles)
  • pregnancy-related carpal tunnel symptoms (pain, pins and needles or numbness in the hands)
  • rib flare
  • pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • urinary incontinence.

Accessing our services

You can access physiotherapy services while you're pregnant and up to ten days after you have your baby. You can do this by:

  • being referred by your midwife or a consultant (if you're seeing one)
  • being referred by your GP
  • referring yourself by calling the urodynamics and physiotherapy reception on 023 8120 8967. 

Find us

We're based in the urodynamics and physiotherapy department on level G of the Princess Anne Hospital. From the main entrance of level E, turn left and follow the signs for urodynamics and physiotherapy.