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Broadlands birth centre

Broadlands birth centre is suitable for women wishing to have a natural birth in a home-like atmosphere. It is a midwife-led unit, with midwives taking primary responsibility for your care during labour and birth. Choosing to birth here is only recommended if you have had a straightforward pregnancy, without concerns about your wellbeing or that of your baby.

Based within the Princess Anne Hospital, Broadlands birth centre is defined as an ‘alongside midwifery unit’ or a ‘co-located birth centre’ because obstetric, anaesthetic and neonatal services are available within the same building should they be required. Broadlands is on E level – one floor above labour ward. 


We have four birthing rooms, two of which have en-suite facilities. These rooms are equipped with comfortable birthing aids such as balls, beanbags, special chairs and stools and provide a relaxed environment for you and your partner.

In addition, there are two spacious pool rooms equipped with adjustable lighting that can be used during labour and/or birth.

For more information please see our choosing where to have your baby and maternity services guides below.

Visiting hours

All visitors: 9am to 9pm

maximum of 3 visitors per bed at any one time.

Any child other than siblings must be 3 years or older to visit the ward area.