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Choosing where to have your baby

Birthplace choices during the COVID-19 pandemic

We would like to reassure everyone preparing to give birth in the next few weeks that in Southampton we are still able to offer a range of birth places and will continue to do so for as long as we are able to safely staff each area.

For women and birthing people with a straightforward pregnancy, and who are thought to be at low risk of complications at birth, we continue to encourage birth in a midwife-led area (home or birth centre) as we have good evidence that these are safe for babies and have benefits for parents. For some people these areas would not usually be recommended as they may have conditions or complications that mean expertise from our doctors, on the labour ward, may be safest during labour.

For low risk women and birthing people, the labour ward does not increase safety but is likely to increase the chance of interventions in birth. In Southampton we are currently able to offer the following range of birthing options, run by highly skilled and experienced midwives, including:

Information and short video tours of the birth centres can be found by clicking the above links. Please speak to your midwife if you want to know more about birthing in one of these areas.

Please help us to keep our hospital safe by only bringing a birth partner who is symptom free.

Two birth partners may be allowed if there are additional needs - please speak to your midwife if you feel you need this.

Anyone with coronavirus (COVID-19) or showing symptoms of it will be asked to give birth on the labour ward at the Princess Anne Hospital where strict procedures are in place to reduce risk of infection to other families and staff and to ensure babies are monitored appropriately during labour.

You can also download our choosing where to have your baby leaflet below:

You can also read our maternity services guide below.