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Dr David J Breen

Dr Breen is a consultant radiologist who specialises in imaging and intervention for patients with non-vascular abdominal disease.


Training and education

Dr Breen has worked in St Georges’ Hospital, London, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford and University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. 


Dr Breen has worked for the Trust since 2001. His role involves imaging and intervention in non-vascular abdominal disease. He is an associate professor of radiology. 

Key achievements

  • Internationally recognised as a pioneer in the image-guided ablation of abdominal disease using radiofrequency thermal ablation and cryoablation to destroy abdominal cancers.
  • Teaching widely in the UK and internationally in the interpretation and optimisation of abdominal imaging, particularly liver, pancreatic and kidney disease.


A list of Dr Breen's publications is available to download.