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Professor Paul Roberts

Prof Roberts is a cardiologist with a sub-specialty interest in electrophysiology.


Training and education

  • Graduate of University of Leeds - 1990
  • Member of the Royal College of Physicians - 1993
  • MD - 2000


Prof Roberts has worked for the Trust since 1996. 

He is an experienced interventional electrophysiologist with particular expertise in device implantation (pacemakers, ICDs and cardiac resynchronisation devices) and catheter ablation (a treatment to correct an abnormal heart rhythm).

Key achievements

Prof Roberts has an interest in new techniques in pacemaker implantation and implanted the first leadless Micra Pacemaker in the United Kingdom.


Prof Roberts is an active participant in clinical research with over 300 published abstracts and 110 peer reviewed publications. He has edited three books for the Royal College of Physicians and written six book chapters. He's actively involved in the ongoing research and review of leadless pacemakers and has presented data at international meetings across the world.