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At your appointment and afterwards (outpatients)

What to bring with you

Please have the following information available whether your appointment is virtual or in person:

  1. Your appointment letter
  2. Information about you - address, telephone number and GP details
  3. Your GP will send relevant information to the specialist as part of your referral, however, please bring with you any information about your past medical history that the doctor or nurse will need to know. This is really important so we can ensure that you can make the right decisions about your care.
  4. Information about the medicines you are taking. We will need to know what you are taking and how often you take it. This includes tablets, injections, liquids, creams, inhalers and eye drops.
  5. Information about any allergies you have.

At your appointment

Is it okay to ask lots of questions?

Absolutely, this is your opportunity to talk to your doctor, nurse or allied health professional and to feel fully informed before the end of your appointment. We want you to be involved - further information about shared decision making can be found here.

Will I come into contact with students?

UHS is a teaching hospital and therefore it is possible that you will come into contact with student doctors, nurses and other trainee clinical staff. Students may be involved in your direct care under supervision, or you may be asked to discuss you condition with a student. Please note that you have the right to refuse to be seen or treated by students and this will not affect the rest of your care at UHS in any way.

Will any samples or specimens be taken from me?

Sometimes samples or specimens are taken during your appointment or treatment to help us understand your condition or plan further care. You will be asked for your consent for these samples or specimens to be taken.

Will I be asked to take part in research?

You can find out more about taking part in clinical trials here

Is smoking allowed in the hospital?

Information on smoking is available here.

After your appointment

Share your experience

Your feedback helps us to improve services and ensure we provide the best experience for our patients. If you have recently had an outpatient appointment please take a moment tell us about your experience.

Please click the survey link below and select the service you have recently visited and complete the questions:

What if I have concerns about my appointment?

If you need help, our patient advice and liaison service is here to help you.