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Your stay in hospital

If you're coming to hospital and will need to stay overnight, you're being treated as an inpatient. You'll be given information about what to expect and what to bring with you in your appointment letter.

You can also look in the our services section on this website to find out more about your treatment or condition.

On admission you will be provided with the booklet below which will provide detail about your admission through to discharge. Ask the ward staff for your copy.

Leaving hospital

We'll start to talk to you about arranging for you to leave hospital (your discharge) as soon as possible after you are admitted.

Please be aware that once your medical team are happy to discharge you, you may need to wait while final arrangements are made (such as medicines being prepared in the pharmacy).

On the day of discharge, beds should be vacated by 11am. Anyone who needs to wait for medication, transport or someone to collect them will be asked to sit in the discharge lounge on F level.

Transport needs to be arranged by you and your relatives or carers, so please make sure you have organised for someone to take you home.