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Children's cystic fibrosis

We provide high quality specialist care for children with cystic fibrosis. We work closely with families, and provide frequent reviews to detect and treat early potential complications that can affect long term survival and quality of life.

Our experienced, multi-disciplinary teams provide state of the art care, in line with the most recent advances in cystic fibrosis care. We have excellent working relationships with our adult cystic fibrosis colleagues, which makes the transition from child to adult services as smooth as possible.

Our service has a regional centre based at Southampton Children’s Hospital, and a network of shared care clinics in district hospitals across South Central England. This makes up the Wessex regional paediatric cystic fibrosis network. This way of working means we make the best use of local resources, while providing access to a full range of specialty services as needed by our patients and their families.

We are part of a large ongoing research programme. All of our patients have the opportunity to take part in local, national and international studies that aim to improve care for patients in future.