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Ready, Steady, Go

Transition to adult care: Ready Steady Go

In healthcare, we use the word transition to describe the process of preparing, planning and moving from children’s to adult services.

We understand that moving away from a team of doctors and nurses that you have been with for many years can be scary but hopefully, by getting involved in the transition process, you will feel more confident and happier about the move.

To support you through transition, we've developed the Ready Steady Go transition programme.

Who is it for?

  • You, if you or your child, is over 11 years old with a long-term condition.

What is it?

  • A programme to help you gain the knowledge and skills to manage your condition.


  • Improves long-term outcomes.
  • Helps you gain the confidence and skills to move to adult services.


  • Ask your team about the Ready Steady Go programme.

For more information please see our moving into adult care patient information leaflet.

Please see our useful links page for support and advice with various topics.



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Page comments

Hi there. Very interested in the app version. Please could you send me more information?

Many thanks
Would I recommend this service: I have no view
Katie Malbon (20/08/2019 16:04:07)
A YP version of Ready Steady Go is available as an APP as part of My Medical Record- a patient owned electronic record. Please contact me ( Dr Arvind Nagra) for more information if interested
Would I recommend this service: I have no view
Arvind Nagra (22/04/2019 22:47:12)
Do people use the paper versions of these in medical notes? Electronically on 'ecasenotes'? Is there an 'app' version for YP? I just wonder whether a YP-held paper copy would become very dog-eared over the years?!
Would I recommend this service: Yes
Anonymous (01/11/2018 15:51:30)
Excellent, I am a specialist nurse for children and young people with gastro conditions I think many young patients and their families would benefit from this very sensible and practicle transition programme.
Would I recommend this service: Yes
janis Maginnis (13/07/2017 12:00:41)
Is there an easy read version of this tool available?
Would I recommend this service: I have no view
Lindsey Bromley (29/06/2017 09:05:46)
I'm my local hospital's Diabetes Transition Coordinator and we use RSG and I've started to find more and more children and young adults need my help and support as they get older and start taking on more and more of their condition. I'm their no clinical support so I set up links/mtgs with their new colleges etc and generally help them with every day life stuff.
Would I recommend this service: I have no view
Sheryl O'Shea (27/07/2016 08:32:36)
Clear, straightforward and user friendly resources.
Would I recommend this service: I have no view
Lynne Williamson (21/08/2015 16:43:50)
I think this is a very useful tool for parents and professionals alike.Easy to follow too. Covers all the important subjects in transition.
Would I recommend this service: Yes
Anonymous (14/08/2015 15:32:37)
Excellent resource which covers all areas of transition in an easy to understand and step by step process. Thank you!
Would I recommend this service: I have no view
Kerry Little (30/07/2015 11:45:11)
I'm a parent and found these resources really useful in starting think about preparing my daughter for transition and future independence.
Would I recommend this service: Yes
Anonymous (24/06/2015 12:48:45)
Hi my name is maria burney i am the transition lead for health in salford. I work across age group of 12yrs to 25yrs.I am a band 7 & I do a bit of everything. from training, governance- policy writing. Your document is fantastic please can i visit your service?
Would I recommend this service: Yes
Maria burney (16/01/2015 13:44:11)
Such a brilliant piece of work. Our Transitions Team aim to adapt this to help the transition process from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to Adult Mental Health Services.
Would I recommend this service: I have no view
Phil Laing (14/08/2014 16:34:19)
This is an excellent resource for what can be a difficult time for our long term patients. I will certainly be recommending that we adapt this for use in our trust. Thank you
Would I recommend this service: Yes
Chris Cain (21/10/2013 15:14:30)

Contact us

For more information about Ready Steady Go please contact us on

Using Ready Steady Go in your hospital

If you would like to use the Ready Steady Go transition programme in your hospital, please contact Dr Arvind Nagra, consultant paediatric nephrologist and clinical lead for transitional care on

Find out more about implementing Ready Steady Go in your hospital here