Council of Governors explained

The Council of Governors plays a key role in taking the hospital forward and ensuring it is meeting the needs of its communities. The governors gather the views of the hospital's members to give them a voice at the highest level of the organisation. The governors also work closely with the Trust’s Board to influence decision making and ensuring all services
are continually improving.

Our first Council of Governors was elected in 2009, and worked in shadow form until October 2011 when we were authorised as a foundation trust.

The main role of the council is to:

  • Advise the board of directors of the views of the membership community
  • Comment on the development of strategic plans for the hospital
  • Act in a trustee role making sure the hospital meets its obligations.

In addition some of the statutory responsibilities of the council include:

  • Appointing the chair and non-executive directors of the Trust.  You can find out more about this aspect of the governors’ role in the terms of reference of the Governors’ Nomination Committee here.
  • Agreeing the appointment of the chief executive of the Trust
  • Appointing the Trust's auditors.

More details about being a governor can be found on the Monitor website: Information for governors.

Become a member to nominate yourself and be involved in future Council of Governors' elections.