Women and newborn

Women and newborn

Our neonatal unit delivers excellent care to a unique group of our youngest patients.

Babies and their parents are referred to the unit from all across the south of England as one of only a handful of hospitals in the UK to provide specialist care to newborns.

The unit, based at our Princess Anne Hospital, takes part in the national neonatal audit programme which measures standards and focuses on improving neonatal care across the country.

The audit monitors eight aspects of care provided to babies and their parents. In six of these aspects, our neonatal unit achieved higher scores than the national rate including:

  • Giving mothers antenatal steroids (90% vs NR 89%)
  • Giving mothers antenatal magnesium sulphate (75% vs NR 64%)
  • Babies’ temperature on admission (84% vs NR 64%)
  • Consultation with parents (99% vs NR 95%)
  • Parents present on ward rounds (85% vs NR 74%)
  • Babies who receive screening for retinopathy of prematurity when appropriate (96% vs NR 94%)

The report also identified two areas for improvement to be in-line with the national rate. This included the % of babies who are receiving some of their mother’s milk before discharge from neonatal care and the % of babies receiving follow up at two years old.

Using this audit and our own internal reviews, our neonatal team will continue to improve on these statistics to deliver world-class care.

View the full report here