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Southampton Hospitals Charity

Southampton Hospitals Charity aims to enhance the world class facilities provided at Southampton General and Princess Anne hospitals by University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS).

UHS provides services to some 1.3 million people living in Southampton and South Hampshire plus specialist services including neurosciences, cardiac services and children’s intensive care to more than three million people in central southern England and the Channel Islands.

Providing these services costs £1.16 million per day.

Donations allow the hospital to buy equipment, fund research and provide better facilities that would otherwise be unaffordable under the NHS. With your help, the charity funds projects large and small across all wards and departments to improve patient care.

Your support can make a real difference. You can also securely donate money online.

You can call the charity on 023 8120 8881 or email Find out more on the Southampton Hospital Charity website.

Support our staff during the COVID-19 pandemic

Like other hospitals across the country, we’ve been overwhelmed by the support shown to our staff by patients, the public, and local partners and businesses during this period.

We’re proud of how our dedicated frontline and essential workers are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. From doctors and nurses to porters and cleaners, they’ve all stepped up to support our community.

Many of you have generously said you want a way to thank them.

Working with Southampton Hospitals Charity, we have now set up a Staff Wellbeing Appeal. Visit our website or text NHSHEROES 3 / 5 / 10 to 70460 to donate £3 / £5 / £10.

By donating, you will be supporting our staff by boosting morale, supporting their mental health and wellbeing, and helping where the need is the greatest. Your gifts will not be used to pay for equipment or services the government has committed to funding.

Speaking about the appeal, joint interim director of SHC, Jeneen Thomsen, said, “In just a few weeks, we’ve raised £100,000 and the response from the local community has been absolutely incredible. The donations will support not only those who are treating patients with COVID-19, but also those working across the hospital who have had to rapidly adjust their ways of working, to both protect the health of vulnerable patients and to clear vital bed space in anticipation of a spike in COVID-19 patients requiring critical care.

Thomsen continues, “The money raised through this appeal has meant that we’ve been able to respond quickly to requests made from staff across UHS, ensuring that their morale is boosted and that they remain healthy in order to continue providing patients with the best possible care. From providing refreshment stations and food, hand gels and creams, to psychological support, Southampton Hospitals Charity will continue to do all we can to ensure our frontline staff are looked after in this uncertain time.”

Working closely with UHS senior management and the staff wellbeing and resistance committee, which includes representatives from across the hospital tasked with overseeing staff wellbeing, the Charity has been able to distribute support where it was most needed. This has included:

  • staff wellbeing packs
  • coffee machines
  • radios to help patients during their isolated hospital stay, as well as boosting the morale of the staff working on the ward
  • iPads for the occupational health team, enabling them to do interactive sessions with staff whilst remaining off site
  • tablets for staff so that they can connect safely with their loved ones at home whilst working long shifts or isolating themselves
  • microwaves for the theatre staff to heat up their lunches.

The Charity will also be supporting specialist psychological support for staff, both now and into the future as they deal with and recover from the immensely traumatic experience of delivering care through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Liz Donovan, director of medical education explains, “We anticipate there will be a huge need for one-to-one therapy for staff as they recover from this challenge of having to work in a traumatic setting with a lot of pressure. Some may have PTSD, they may be grieving family losses, they may also be burned out and exhausted. We have a lot of therapists, psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists and coaches waiting in the wings with offers of help.”

The psychologists who usually provide vital support to patients will now be supporting frontline staff through a dedicated helpline which will be manned 13 hours a day. Additionally, psychological support will be offered to the chaplaincy team, who will be doing their best to provide comfort and support through this difficult time.

Whilst this service is essential to help staff cope now and in the coming months, the team are also mindful that it will be just as important to provide psychological help after the crisis is over.

Other donations

We’ve had so many donations – particularly food, and while we are so grateful for these kind offers, it is getting more difficult for us to accept perishable items.

In light of new government guidance on non-essential travel, we would ask that members of the public do not come to our hospitals with donations without contacting us first.

If you would still like to donate any non-perishable items, and can do so safely, please post deliveries to Angie McClarren, Stores, Southampton General Hospital, Tremona Road, Southampton, SO16 6YD.

We have also been contacted by many people wanting to volunteer their time or skills. If you are responding to the national campaign to support the NHS and communities, please go to

If you have clinical skills or experience that you would like to offer, please contact