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Future of UHS

Our May members' evening was themed around what exciting developments have been happening at University Hospital Southampton and what we can look forward to in the future.

The event began with Tim Bryant, consultant interventional radiologist, sharing details of an innovative new prostate therapy that was pioneered in Southampton and is now set to be made available nationwide.

Tim explained how the new treatment, prostate artery embolisation (PAE), involves using a tiny plastic catheter inserted in the groin to place particles the size of grains of sand into the prostate arteries. This cuts the blood supply, shrinking the gland, meaning patients do not have to undergo surgery.

It's hoped that the availabilty of this procedure nationwide will make a big difference to the lives of men living with enlarged prostate with latest figures showing that 90% of men will have benign prostate enlargement by the age of 80. More information about the proceedure can be found here

General intensive care unit expansion plans


Max Jonas, consultant in critical care, also joined our members to discuss the exciting plans for developing the general intensive care unit (GICU) at the Southampton General Hospital. Max highlighted the strengths of our unit, which is one of the top three in the UK and provides a 24-hour service. 

A refurbishment and expansion is now being planned with the public being asked to give their views on the proposal during a recent consultation exercise before the plans are submitted for approval by the local authority.

The £22m scheme will be paid for through funding that the Trust has secured by meeting financial targets.

As part of their research, Max explained how the project team had visited innovative units in Utrecht in The Netherlands, London and Liverpool to see the novel features they have incorporated into their units. Highlights include space-saving sliding doors, obscured glass and coloured lighting, and well as sensitivity to issues such as privacy and noise.

The expanded unit in Southampton will be planned around space, light, technology and consideration of the needs of patients, relatives and staff. More information about the plans can be found here

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