Becky Bonfield

Congratulations to Becky Bonfield, who has been awarded a Wessex NHS England Quality Improvement fellowship.

During this year long fellowship Becky will be looking at the information that is given to adult patients about Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) during their hospital stay in University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation trust.

AKI is a commonly occurring condition that affects 20% of patients who attend hospital and is often a complication of the illnesses that bring them into hospital in the first place, such as infections or gastrointestinal disorders. Having one episode of AKI increases patients' risks of developing AKI in the future, and can lead to chronic kidney disease. Prevention of the development of AKI, and adherence to monitoring/ follow up of those who do develop it plays an important part in long term kidney health.

The idea behind Becky’s QI project is that whilst healthcare workers are regularly taught about the signs, symptoms and complications of AKI there is little information within hospitals that is given to patients. Becky will begin by exploring the patient groups that develop AKI. Then she will look at methods of giving patients meaningful information/ education to assist them in keeping their kidneys healthy in the future.