Sarah Bailey

Congratulations to Sarah, who received the Nurses Award at the ESHRE2017 conference after presenting her research on the need for better support for women with recurrent miscarriage.

The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) is one of the largest societies for fertility research, with around 7000 members, and holds an annual conference for researchers to come together and share best practice.

This year held in Geneva, Switzerland, ESHRE2017 brought together scientists and clinical researchers from all across Europe to discuss the latest advances in fertility research.

Sarah was awarded the Nurses Award, given to the best oral presentation by a nurse, for her presentation ‘Hope for the best...but prepare for the worst’ on her research into coping interventions for women experiencing recurrent miscarriages.

The presentation included anonymous audio clips of the women’s own words, describing their experiences in early pregnancy after a previous miscarriage.

Her research found that women who have undergone multiple miscarriages are full of hope when they become pregnant, but suffer high levels of anxiety about whether they will miscarry again, with little support available.

“Imagine you’ve had three or more miscarriages," Sarah explains, "When you get pregnant again you are terrified you’re going to miscarry again.”

She is now researching the feasibility of introducing a laminated self-help card in the early stages of pregnancy for women with recurrent miscarriages, which has already seen success in women undergoing fertility treatment.